Sunday, December 29, 2019

Ensuring water security

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently released the operational guidelines of Jal Jeevan Mission which is centre govt's initiative to provide Functional Household Tap Connections to every rural household by 2024. Out of 17.87 crore rural households in the country about 14.6 crore which accounts for 81.67 percent are yet to have household tap connections for water. The Jal Jeevan Scheme will be implemented through institutional mechanism at four levels - national, state, district and gram panchayat or its sub committees. Women will play a bigger role in this scheme and the paani samitis or the user group will decide about the user fee for sustainability of the scheme.

Drop by drop rain water harvesting

by Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz & streaming from
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Illustrating the historical traditions of water harvesting, Saiphy from Rain Water Harvesting Unit of CSE emphasis on the need for harvesting rain water and also explains the modern trends involved.
Participants: Suresh Thakur and Shalini Rawat
Experts: Salahuddin Saiphy, RWH unit, Centre for Science and Environment

Prime Minister Mann ki baat in tamil December

The four entrance gates of Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple is an important Hindu temple dedicated to Jagannath, a form of Vishnu – one of the trinity of supreme divinity in Hindu...