Sunday, November 3, 2019

Why Harvest Rainwater ?

There are many reasons people choose to use rainwater around their home and even for drinking. In fact, the reality is that using rainwater can bring significant economic, social and environmental benefits. Below are just a few reasons people choose to use rainwater – and the benefits this choice brings.

Reducing dependence on mains water

By using a Rain Harvesting system to supply water for some or all of your requirements, you can reduce your dependence on mains water. In turn, this will reduce your water bills and save you money. It will also ensure you’re less affected by any water restrictions that are put in place due to drought or the need to protect community water supplies from overuse.

It’s not just individuals who can save money by reducing their dependence on mains water, either. The cost of supplying mains water to the community continues to increase.  The construction and maintenance of dams, pipes and treatment plants is huge, and tax and rate payers foot the bill. The less people are reliant upon these systems, the less they will need to be expanded.


Mains water is not available in many rural or low population density areas. In these areas, the most obvious benefit of rain harvesting is to have a supply of water to sustain life and meet your other needs. It may also be necessary to use rainwater as a backup or supplement for other water supplies, such as a bore or dam on your property, or to ensure you have a store of water available to fight bushfires.Using rainwater can bring many economic benefits. Rain Harvesting can help you save money on your water bills and store water in an economic way.In some suburbs and states, government have introduced legislation and regulations mandating the installation of rainwater tanks for new homes or setting new standards for energy and water efficiency that new dwellings need to meet.

Health & personal preference

Some people prefer to use rainwater for reasons related to health or personal preference. For example, some people prefer to drink fresh water without the added chemicals that are used to treat mains supplied water. Others live in areas where the mains water is salty, “hard”, contains heavy metals or has an unpleasant odour, making rainwater an attractive alternative.

Environmental considerations

Rain Harvesting and the use of rainwater around your property can also bring benefits for the environment. By harvesting the rainwater that lands on your roof, you can reduce the impact of stormwater runoff in your area, which can otherwise damage creeks and other water habitats. Rainwater is also good for the garden – after all, it’s what your garden is naturally watered with.

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